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Flex feature, unwanted deforms causing fail

Question asked by Frankie Romer on Sep 22, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2020 by Mark Biasotti



I'm currently designing a utility belt, the design is complete now I just want to flex the belt as if it was going around someone's waist for some nice Keyshot renders.


I have hit a roadblock though as the flex features is failing. I have found there is some unusual deform on the ridge (first image), which is preventing me going past 150 degrees - I'm aiming for a full 360 wrap around 




This is an overall view of the design, with a yellow preview 

Overall goal - preview works


I have tried


-all positions on the "flex options" slider - with hard edges off

-all positions on the "flex options" slider - with hard edges on

-combining bodies before the flex (in conjunction with all the above combinations)

-playing with he triad and trim positions


It's a bit of a mystery as I was able to do a much more complicated design with a backpack model (below image). This should be a lot simpler to do!


previous design which was more complex