Vladimir Urazhdin

The missing 5% functionality: Global Variables in Equations

Discussion created by Vladimir Urazhdin on Sep 21, 2020

Equation Manager (EM) is the great tool beside straightforward calculations designed to handle links between Global Variables in parts and assemblies.

Here is the screenshot of EM Help File:

Dear SolidWorks Development Team,

I believe you are perfectly aware that File Properties are not just numbers but (in most cases) symbols too.

My question to SW Development Team:

Why Global Variables are restricted to numbers only????

Why it’s not allowed to assign symbolic values to Global Variables????


I truly believe that expending Global Variables to symbols would greatly improve the overall productivity, particularly in the area of Design Automation. It would expend logic capabilities in EM and let us set links not just between numbers but also between symbolic parameters too. SW users who deal with design automation will really appreciate this improvement.