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Question asked by Chad Huleatt on Sep 18, 2020

We are a signage company based in Australia. Currently we have a high workload, and our drafting department is struggling to keep up.


A lot of our work involves making pre-designed signs, however before making the signs we need to produce shop drawings and work out the fabrication details. The designs we get are typically "concept only" and are not ready to fabricate.


Prior to manufacture, our shop drawings must be submitted to our clients for final approval. These "shop drawings" need to be of a high standard, and need to show enough detail so that the client can fully understand how we plan to make the sign.


I'm interested in any companies, particularly in our corner of the world, who might be able to help with this process. I'm also interested in feedback from others who may have attempted to outsource design work in a similar way. How did it go for you?


Thanks, Chad