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Can the Move Tree command start with only the selected file(s) checked instead of ALL OF THEM?

Question asked by Ben Nemec on Sep 17, 2020

Is there a way to get the Move Tree to NOT have EVERY referenced file checked when the dialog opens?  There is this settings tab for the various incarnations of the Reference Dialog, the change state and checkin/out operations obey settings here.


Please tell me there's a similar setting somewhere for Move Tree and Copy Tree to NOT have everything checked by default.  I have removed the Move File permission to everyone but I'm going to get harangued for that as well.  Some users have legitimate use of moving file occasionally and they can do it without making a mess.  There are other users in the same group that have yet to figure out how to move just one file without taking the entire reference tree with it.  It would be great if the dialog would open with only the files that were selected in vault view or search tool checked to move.


Thank you.