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Replace 3D Interconnect File by same Feature Recognized Converted SW file

Question asked by Alex Mende on Sep 15, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2020 by Alex Mende

We are currently working on transitioning from Inventor 2018 to SW2020. In order to utilize our 13,000 Inventor files, it's not feasible for us to convert everything to SW files all at once. We are utilizing 3D Interconnect to maintain some Inventor files in our new SW assemblies.


Is there a way to replace a 3D Interconnect file with that same file that then later went through the conversion process?


For example, Inventor file "Bracket.ipt" is 3D Interconnected in "Mounting.sldasm". I then need to make a small modification and all new changes will happen in SW so I then separately convert "Bracket.ipt" to "Bracket.sldprt". I then want to replace the 3D Interconnected "Bracket.ipt" within "Mounting.sldasm" with the newly converted SolidWorks file "Bracket.sldprt". Is this possible?


I'm not seeing the "Replace Components" option in the Right-Click menu when right-clicking on the 3D Interconnected "Bracket.ipt" part.