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Drawing Quality Based on Part Size, Especially Long, Narrow Parts

Question asked by Matthew Menard on Sep 17, 2020
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Hello Solidworks Forum Browsers,


I was wondering if anyone had ever run into a problem with circles not rendering smoothly for parts that are long and narrow.  Where I work, we make extruded tubing.  Because of this, we have a lot of drawings of small diameter extrusions that have up to an 8' length.  We recently implemented PDM here and while approving some drawings, I noticed that the length of the tube was overridden from 1" to 96".  After asking the person who made the drawing why they overrode the dimension, he said that for long, narrow parts circles render very choppy.  Because of this, he's been just extruding the parts to an inch in length, adding a break view and overriding the length to the size that it's supposed to be.  When he does that, the circles render smoothly.  This was the first time I'd heard about this problem, so I tried to recreate it, and lo and behold, super easy to recreate.  I made a part with a long and short configuration, and switching the view between the two configurations shifts from choppy to smooth respectively.  I've attached a pack and go of my test drawing for anyone else to check out.  The circle roughness persists when exporting to PDF or printing out as well.  Changing the view on the long configuration from high quality to draft quality surprisingly slightly increases the quality, but adversely affects the short configuration's quality. 


What I'm not sure about is the best work around.  I can think of a handful of hacky ways to get around this that are better than plainly overriding the dimension, but none are particularly ideal.  I'd prefer to not adjust the graphics settings as well, since I'm only looking for better performance on this isolated situation. 


Anyone here ever run into this problem?  Or is this just another quirk that we have to work with?  Thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestions.