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Long Load Times for Fill Patterns

Question asked by Mitch Rizer on Sep 15, 2020

A PC at my company’s fabrication shop has been loading items very slowly. In particular, when fill patterns are not suppressed we see load time in excess of 20 minutes. If the computer weren’t highly spec’d I would assume that was the cause, but I think the computer should be up to the task. That tells me that we probably have an issue with SW settings, and as an IT Specialist, the PC is my specialty, not the program itself. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Relevant PC specs are as follows:

CPU:                                    Intel i7 7700k

Motherboard:                       Gigabyte GA-Z170X

RAM:                                    64GB DD4 @2333

GPU:                                    NVIDIA Quadro P4000

PS:                                       Modular Corsair 750W


Thank you.