Tony Baumann

Cosmos/Simulation Install

Discussion created by Tony Baumann on May 27, 2009
First let me start off by saying I don't use SolidWorks. I'm just trying to deploy it to 600 computers. So, I'm trying to deploy SolidWorks 2009 and Cosmos/Simualation software. I've finally been able to get Solidworks to install with all of the add-ins by following the instructions here, but I'm still having issues with Cosmos/Simulation.

When I download the files and go through setup to do an administrative install I'm given a folder called Cosmos. Inside that folder are four folders called COSMOSFloWorks, COSMOSM, COSMOSMotion, and COSMOSWorks. Inside each folder are a number of files including an msi for each.

So I create a group policy and add the four Cosmos msi's to it. Now, I have Cosmos in a seperate group policy from Solidworks since not everyone who needs SolidWorks needs Cosmos. When you view the group policy it says the following four applications are being installed: COSMOSM 2009 (2009/070), SolidWorks Flow Simulation 2009 SP03, SolidWorks Motion 2009 SP3, and SolidWorks Simulation 2009 SP03.

I refresh group policies and reboot. Upon reboot it sits there for about an hour on Installing managed software Solidworks Flow Simulation 2009 SP03. When it finally finishes and I login there's nothing. I reboot and it does the same thing but this time is sits there on SolidWorks Motion 2009 SP03 for about a hour. At some point when I login there is a new Cosmos Tools folder in the start menu and it list things like GEOStar. There is nothing in the event viewer saying it failed or not.

Anyone have any suggestions.

Edit: I'm trying to install this on Vista SP2, but I've had this problem Vista SP1 and XP SP3