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Solidworks Launcher does not release files after closing them in solidworks

Question asked by Ron Russell on Sep 15, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2020 by Dave Laban

Whenever I close a file within solidworks and then try to move or replace the file for whatever reason Windows reports that "the folder is open in Solidworks Launcher".  This persists until I close solidworks altogether.

I am not interested in methods to deal with files from within Solidworks, I know how to do that, I just want the file that I closed released without having to close and reopen solidworks.  Sometimes I have a lot of work open and don't want to lose a bunch of time reloading it all and trying to pick up where I left off.

Is there a work around for this nonsense?  Does anyone know how to force launcher to admit that a file is closed and let it rest in peace?


Thanks in advance.