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Swept pipe cut within a boundary

Discussion created by Bora Doker on Sep 14, 2020
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Hello All,


I have a problem with some particular point.


I have a swept pipe as in below photo that is diagonal to pink surface. The reason i used swept instead of weldment is because this pipe is non-linear (construction sketch is projected to a domed surface)

My problem is to cut the pipe end to the pink surface but also extend the pipe section end surfaces to the pink surface.


Which is the best way to do this ? I tried the move face command but it does not allow me to proceed. 

I can of course extend the surface by move face and cut extrude to achieve the result or just modifying the sketch spline to extend more to guide the pipe through the beyond of pink surface to cut afterwards, but maybe there is a better way to do it in SW.


Thanks for your support in advance !