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change hole size (.dxf/drawing) depending on manufacturing process

Question asked by Lauritz Berg on Sep 14, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2020 by Ben Nemec

Maybe I am overlooking something all the time or our solidworks package does not offer this features but here is the problem:

I have the same part that I want to cut on a plasma/laser/mill with a hole size of 2" in different thicknesses.
naturally I want the hole size to be at least 2", but depending on the thickness and manufacturing process I need different hole sizes in my drawing/dxf:
the plasma needs a hole size that is bigger depending on the thickness (varies from 1/16" to 1/8" bigger depending on the thickness of the part) - the .dxf file has a hole in there that is 2.0625"
the laser needs a hole size that is usually just 0.02" bigger so the .dxf file has a hole in there that needs to be at least 2.02" in diameter

for the mill the production 'just' needs to know the correct tooling which means that the drawing shows the correct diameter of 2" with a tolerance at the bottom

Is there a possibility to automatically make those holes the correct size into the .dxf depending on the process? I.e. if I change to the custom property (laser/plasma/mill) it would put in the correct measurement into the drawing.
Or is that something that would need to be done on the nesting side (put holes onto a different layer?)? Do I need to use special features in solidworks to make this arrangement possible on the nesting side?
Is this only possible by macro?

How should I define those processes in my properties? Is there a best practice?

Recently we had to outsource many parts to different manufacturers and in the end the hole sizes were either too small or too big.