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Finally updated to 2020... same ol bugs...

Discussion created by David Sloop on Sep 14, 2020
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Finally upgraded from 2017 to 2020... it's taking some getting used to switching from WPDM to PDM Standard...


But aside from that... There's still a couple bugs that I was hoping would be fixed.

If you want to change the sheet properties on all the sheets at once, it still won't work.

You select "All"

and "apply changes"


And switch to your other sheets, and they didn't change...

So you have to do it to each individual sheet.


Also, similar issue when changing the config of a part in an assembly and trying to apply to all configs of that assembly... Still doesn't do it.


I'm pretty sure I've reported thee bugs a few times in the last few years.


Had high hopes that some old bugs were fixed, but this isn't starting off well.