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Exchanging information b/w PDM's of different companies

Question asked by Andy S. on Sep 13, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2020 by Deepak Gupta

This may be the zillionth time someone asked a question about information sharing with suppliers during product development and beyond. But, its 2020 and I still face the same problem sharing files with a supplier who has PDM and a supplier who does not. 



Company C owns Product P which is made up of components A, B, D, E. 

Top Level Assembly of product P is owned by Company C in Solidworks 2019 using PDM Standard for revision control

Component A is designed by company C in Solidworks 2019 using PDM standard for revision control

Component B is designed by company C2 in Solidworks 2019 using PDM Professional for revision control

Component D is designed by company C3 in Solidworks 2019 who does not have PDM and uses RevXX_DDMMYY in filename for revision

Component E is designed by company C4 which is an off the shelf part in STEP format. 



1. Do you face the above scenario? What is your current approach? Is it working?

2. How can company C make sure that the assembly of product P always has the CORRECT VERSION of components A, B, D, E without having to call/email someone for their files and do replace components every time. 



Look forward to hearing your approaches and solutions.