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trouble meshing an assembly

Question asked by Shaun Shultz on Sep 12, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2020 by Eddy Alleman

Hello all,

I am learning the simulation suite in the new SolidWorks 2020 student edition.  The computer that I have is a desktop with I7-4790K cpu and a Quadro P4000 gpu. the computer and software run great . I have been able to run simulations before on assemblies or single parts. 


I am doing an assembly of a tube frame supporting solar panels. When I try to mesh the assembly with the standard mesh tool i get a error message.

choosing yes or no outputs a mesh model that is incomplete with the error message.

I do not know what part of the assembly is causing this, I have enclosed a pack and go zip file of the assembly. 

If I can get some help that would be great

Shaun Shultz