Dylan Rawlinson

Export multiple configurations to STEP format

Discussion created by Dylan Rawlinson on Sep 15, 2020

Hi all,


I have been using SolidWorks for a number of years now and currently in the process of streamlining the CAD files in my workplace, this is my first attempt with macros and have absolutely no experience with them other than using #TASK in the past,


My goal for the Macro, is to export all configurations of 1 assembly to STEP files using the naming structure (Filename + configurationname.STEP)

I have a macro that currently does what I need above but now I want to do this to multiple files at the same time... basically I want to use solidworks task scheduler to run my macro and export step files from 5+ assemblies (all with 100 configurations within)


I have attached the macro I have been working on but if anybody has any advice its much appreciated to a API/Macro noob,




Extra info: I am currently using SW2015 professional