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Questions about EquiSpacing Holes and propagating them

Discussion created by Rene Pittesser on Sep 11, 2020
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Hello together,


this is my first time posting on this forum..


My situation is as follows,

I am using SW 2014 Professional

I have to create Sheet metal parts with holes for rivets with a certain spacing through multiple parts.


So here are my 3 main questions for now,


1) How do i space holes with a equation lets say 10mm from both edges of a 1500mm part and space them equally along this length, but if the spacing exceeds a certain length.. lets say 300mm.. it would then create another hole so the spacing would be < 300mm?


2) What would i need to do to create 3 holes on the length of a 500mm part where the specified dims would be like 10mm from both edges and the center, but if this part would change size to < 500mm it wouldnt create the hole in the center?


2) Now when we assume i have created these holes, what is the most efficient way to propagte these holes into other parts in an assembly? 



I have searched the web high and low but couldnt find the answers that i needed, so here i am asking for your expertise




Thank you all very much in advance!