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Matt Juric wrote:


Wayne Matus wrote:


It is still in my attic, should pull it out to see if it will still boot. Every computer I have bought cost roughly $2000.

It's funny how that works. The original price for the TI-99, first computer I ever had and the commodore 64, was both around $1500 in todays dollars. I bought both of mine used and paid much less.


Today the price I pay for a PC is somewhere between 1K and 2K depending on how and what I build it for. 


About the only time I've paid more than that is if I was building something closer to a server, RAID, multiple drives, etc etc and the only time I pay less than that is if I get something like a Chrome book. 

An 8086 + 8087 co-processor was the reason why I was so popular in university, being able to run AutoCAD on my IBM-XT clone.