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FEM on imported parts/assembly

Question asked by Alessandro Frattini on May 27, 2009
Latest reply on May 29, 2009 by Bill McEachern
I've imported a parasolid project from one our external designer.
He uses NX.
I would like to ask to you if I can plot the result on my coordinate system and not from original SolidWorks assembly coordinate system.
For example in NX the Z is Y SW axis.
When I import, you can understand the situation.
Assembly is big, so I don't want to rotate or move the entire assembly.
If I create a new coordinate system, can I set Simulation to show my FEM result to my new coordinate system ?

Another question is how can I simplify parts to avoid lot of meshing time ?
A lot of parts are cast parts, so they have lots of fillets.
I can't use FeatureWorks (I tested but doesn't recognize fillets) because there are lots of cast parts.
Simplify mesh is not good.

Thank you for the possible suggestions,