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Factor of Safety Sensor for Selected Bodies Not Correct

Question asked by Tim Currie on Sep 9, 2020


I have created stress and factor of safety sensors in my model and am having issues with the FOS giving me minimum over selected entities.  The selected entities are fillets, and I want to see the max stress/min FOS for nodes in the fillet in addition to the max/mins for the entire model.  The stress sensor is working fine (30.8 MPa on fillet vs. 53.3 MPa for entire model), however, the FOS sensor only gives the min value for the entire model, no matter what selected entities I choose.  I have confirmed in the simulation results that the FOS is 0.92 in the selected entities (not 0.56 which is for the entire model).  I could just calculate this myself (yield strength is 30.0 MPa), but I'd prefer if the sensor worked properly.



This seems like an error in the if you don't have an answer on why this is happening, if you can replicate the issue on your own that would also help.




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