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Network File Transfer Speed

Question asked by Jeremy Yee on May 27, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2009 by 1-I7AP5K
We currently have 3 SW seats connected to our server via gigabit LAN, and we work over this network (as opposed to using PDM to manage check in/out, or manually copying files to our local drive to work on).

We're looking to upgrade certain aspects of our server, so I am wondering if we are currently achieving acceptable transfer speeds.. or can we do much better..?

To test the speed I copied 5 ISO files (2.86GB total size) to and from the server several times, at various times of the day. To copy to the server, it took an average of 1.52s, and to copy back to my local drive took an average of 1.22s.

This equates to ~26.1MB/s to the server (~209.2Mb/s)

and ~35.7MB/s to my local drive (~285.7Mb/s)

These results are well under the theoretical 1Gb bottle neck of the switch and cable - what do you think is a reasonable transfer speed to aim for? I realize that it's quite likely the drive speeds which are slowing us down. We have two 7200rpm drives in RAID 0 (and yes we have a backup system to cover a drive going down). What speeds are you achieving?