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Solidworks Woodworking Cutlist

Question asked by Gene Miller on Sep 8, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2020 by Glenn Schroeder

I use Solidworks to do custom wood cabinets and some furniture. Each piece is unique and we don't have any cookie cutter type cabinetry. I need a good way to get a cut list from a drawing. So far, we are drawing our cabinets as a multi-body part, then using a bounding box with a weldment cut list to get our shop cut list. This works ok, but there is a lot of manual labor in naming all parts and assigning materials. Is there a better way for doing this? I have played with assemblies and just pulling parts in from a library and setting them to size. The issue I have is, the parts I pull in are not unique, so each time I change one, they all change. I know I can make them independent, so that might take care of that.  The second issue is, I can't get a good cut list and material list to give to my shop guys. The reason I was looking at assemblies is to hopefully not have to rename each part if I could pull from a library. Has anyone ever tried to use Solidworks this way, and can you give me some help?Deepak Gupta