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Flush head PEM Stud (FH,FHS,FHA,FH4) in Toolbox does not insert properly using the Hole Wizard

Question asked by Cory Klopotic on Sep 8, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2020 by Cory Klopotic

I'm new to Solidworks and I'm trying to setup our corporate templates and libraries.  I'm currently setting up the toolbox along with the Hole Wizard.  I'm pretty sure I have everything setup properly as it appears to be working as I'd expect.  I'm currently struggling trying to get a particular PEM Stud to mate properly as well as select the proper size.


If I create some holes using the Hole Wizard, and use a clearance hole for PEMs, then select STUDS as the filter, and select a Size (say #10) for flush head studs (FH,FHS,FHA,FH4); the properly sized holes are inserted into my sheet metal part (so far so good).  When I then try to place the matching PEM studs into my assembly using the PEM studs provided in the Toolbox; SolidWorks selects the incorrect size and also does an anti-mate (opposed) instead of the expected aligned (flush) mate.


This is a PEM fastener that we use all the time, so I need it to work properly.  SolidWorks works as expected with other PEM studs and PEM Nuts (picks the correct size and mates them in the proper orientation).


I've attached a screen shot of what I'm trying to do.  I tried looking into the toolbox part but not exactly sure where to look for how the auto-sizing is mapped.  I very well could have jacked something up in my library as I was playing around configuring it as I was learning how it works.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.