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Simplifying virtual body geometry

Question asked by Justinas Rubinovas on Sep 7, 2020

I have a macro that needs to perform a very large number of operations on virtual bodes copied from the solid bodies that user models in SOLIDWORKS - positioning, rotating, slicing, measuring volume and surface area, etc. With simple geometry there is no problem, but when the model is complex - has a lot of non-planar faces, edges, organic shapes - these operations slow down significantly. Thing is, for most of these operations, the accuracy of measurements is not critical, and an error of up to 10% is acceptable.


Therefore, I am looking for a way to simplify geometry - however, not by using Defeature, but by creating a very rough mesh of the model, and then re-creating a virtual body from that mesh. Similarly to how SOLIDWORKS Simulation does it to speed up the calculations. The reason I do not want to use Defeature is because my macro often has to deal with imported geometry which cannot be defeatured, but performance is still very important.


I've looked through available operations for virtual bodies in SOLIDWORKS API, but the calls related to mesh doesn't seem to allow what I described. Or is there a way that I missed? Or perhaps a different approach?