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EditConfiguration3 options

Question asked by Wayne Tiffany on May 26, 2009
Latest reply on May 27, 2009 by Wayne Tiffany
I have a macro that I wrote long ago that has always had a slight bug in it. I have now decided to try to fix it.

I am using a statement like this [retval = Doc.EditConfiguration3(Name, Name, "", "", OnOff)] to turn on or turn off the Suppress new features and mates box for each config. Works fine except that it turns off the other options also, such as the value used in the BOM for a part number.

So I decided to look into it and I find that I am stuck on a couple questions.

The SW help lists the options as this:

swConfigOption_UseAlternateName - TRUE to use an alternate configuration name, FALSE to not

swConfigOption_DontShowPartsInBOM - TRUE to show sub-assemblies in the Bill of Materials, FALSE to list child components listed in the Bill of Materials

swConfigOption_SuppressByDefault - TRUE to suppress newly added features and mates in this configuration, FALSE to not

swConfigOption_HideByDefault - TRUE to hide newly added components to be hidden, FALSE to not

swConfigOption_MinFeatureManager - TRUE to suppress new components, FALSE to not

swConfigOption_InheritProperties - Obsoleted

swConfigOption_LinkToParent - TRUE to link component to parent configuration, FALSE to not


But upon looking in the swconst.tlb file for the values, I find this list:

Public Enum swConfigurationOptions2_e
swConfigOption_UseAlternateName = &H1
swConfigOption_DontShowPartsInBOM = &H2
swConfigOption_SuppressByDefault = &H4
swConfigOption_HideByDefault = &H8
swConfigOption_MinFeatureManager = &H10
swConfigOption_InheritProperties = &H20
End Enum

As you can see, they don't exactly match. Which one is correct?

The next question is how do I query each config as to each of those settings such that I can build the proper value to put back into the EditConfiguration3 statement? I want to modify the Suppress new features and mates value but leave the others as they are currently set.

Any thoughts?