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How would i get a downloadable trial version of solid works student version?

Question asked by Andrew McClary Ii on Sep 5, 2020

I want to see how my PC will handle solid works installation. If it installs, then i will purchase it and reinstall it. If it can't install, then I might talk to support or just give up on solidworks on my PC and just use the solidworks in the campus lab.


The computer specs are fine.

R5 2600

16gb RAM

A 2TB external HDD (E:)

but a 50gb OS SSD (C:)


I keep my operating system on the C: drive and most programs on A:drive, but big programs i want to keep on the E: drive. If it installs like most programs, then it will install to E: no problem. but if it is like a select few, then it will try to install onto the C: drive that only has 500MB of space and will Fail.


I only had to pull a few teeth to get matlab to install onto E: drive. I will be satisfied even if i have to pull a few more to get solidworks onto it.