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I just purchased the student edition of SW2020-2021 and for some reason when I want to start a new assembly after making several parts is creates a work space that is another part not an assembly. I have been using SW since SW2004 and never encountered th

Question asked by Robert Rebuck on Sep 5, 2020

Like I stated when I select new and the start window opens, where you can select create part, assembly or drawing, I select assembly and when the new window opens its a part not an assembly.  I have never encountered this; been using SW since 2004.  Used 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and had the free student edition a year ago with no problem and now I purchased SW2020/2021 and I encounter this problem.  Specifically I created 4 parts and now want to put them into assembly; create new assembly and it opens as part5.