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Setting default image quality for existing parts

Question asked by Justinas Rubinovas on Sep 3, 2020
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I have a powerful workstation laptop with a dedicated graphics card that can handle most parts and assemblies with Image Quality setting at maximum (red zone). I have all my new document templates set to this maximum setting. However, every time I open a document modeled by someone else (downloaded from the internet, training files, client files, etc.) that Image Quality slider is back at the middle, requiring me to go through every file and adjust it. This is needed because sometimes modeling can be very frustrating with jagged edges on circles, which makes SOLIDWORKS look crappy during training sessions and presentations.


I would like for all files, regardless of where they came from, to have that Image Quality slider set to maximum. I imagine it is possible to make a macro that would go through all files in a folder and change that setting, but I imagine that would take a lot of time for big assemblies, and that's one more action to do every time I need to open a file I did not model myself... So really not a good solution.


So, in other words, how can I make this Image Quality to become a global setting rather than per-document setting on my machine?