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Why does SolidWorks freeze every 10-12 seconds for a fraction of a second?

Question asked by Scott Wheeler on Sep 3, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2020 by Scott Wheeler

Putting this out there for other users to try and see if they have the same issue.  Every 10-12 seconds my SolidWorks graphics will freeze for about half a second.  Have a Dell Precision 5530, Xeon processor, nVidia Quadro P2000 video, with 32GB of ram.


I have been working with my VAR to diagnose, and he happens to have the same laptop.  Originally I thought I narrowed it down to being logged into MySolidWorks within SolidWorks.  When I logged out it went away momentarily, but came back.


I since have narrowed it down to being sensitive to the particular driver installed from nVidia.  Older 390 series drivers don't have the same glitch, as much...  Seems to go away at first, but then creep back.  The newer 466, etc. drivers have a more prominent freeze/glitch in terms of duration, and when I'm spinning a model (holding an arrow key down) the rate of rotation is faster on the older driver.


All tested video drivers have been certified ones.


The video glitch is easily tested by spinning a 1" cube holding down an arrow key.  If you happen to have a similar system to this can you give it a try?  The video freeze effects everything in SolidWorks, not just model rotation.  Drop-down menus, selection of edges, moving dimensions and drawing views.... all of them will momentarily freeze every 10-12 seconds.  Very, very annoying.


I've re-imaged my laptop a half dozen times, with having nothing but Windows 10, SolidWorks, and the nVidia driver installed.  No antivirus software, no MS Office, etc., just barebones.  I've tried working offline outside of PDM, borrowing a license versus grabbing one for SolidNetWork License Manager, etc.  It seems to be tied to the video card driver.  The older 390 series drivers work best, but they have other video issues, such as no keyboard cursor when modifying drawing notes.


Appreciate any tips, or if anyone can replicate the issue.  SolidWorks Corp is now looking into this, so any additional info gained from other users will help.  Thanks!