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Macro for updating Sheet Format and Indexing Rev

Question asked by Brandon Foster on Sep 2, 2020
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I am trying to create a macro that will update the sheet format and index the revision for a specific drawing.
I found some code for the sheet format section from here: Macro: Batch Reload-Replace Drawing Sheet Format (sub folders as well) 
I also found some code for the revision from here: Delete all Rows and add new in Revision table 

Essentially I would like the macro to do this:

  1. Macro to work on currently opened document
  2. Reload the sheet format based on what is referenced in the code
  3. Index the Rev Table to the next available letter/number
  4. Push the Rev Variable to the referenced model in the drawing to the custom property "Revision"


I've included the code that I have tried to splice together@.

Note: the included code, it is currently defined to work on a batch folder. I would like it to work on an individual file.


Any help is appreciated.


Deepak Gupta

Artem Taturevich