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How to use drills in an Irregular Pocket?

Question asked by Terry Hillyer on Sep 3, 2020
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I have designed and drawn up a speed handle for a mill vise.  This part has a hex shaped pocket that will go over the mill vise hex.  Since an endmill will not reach into the sharp corners of the hex shaped pocket, I drew in 1/8" holes to clear away material in those sharp corners.


I have spent hours and hours trying to find a way to get these sharp corners to get recognized in CAM so I can drill them out.  The AFR recognizes the hex pocket as an Irregular Pocket, and wants to do a "rough - rough (rest) -finish" strategy, unfortunately leaving all the sharp corner material in place.


I have tried to call up a Spotting Drill to create a CAM operation so I can spot drill the places where I need to drill.  But the Spotting Drill only wants to operate on Hole Features, and not the Irregular Pocket.  The holes I placed in the hex sharp corners are not recognized as holes at all.


Mill Setup 1 is all I have gotten to work and that is just a stock facing operation.

Mill Setup 2 is where I have been unsuccessfully working on the hex shaped pocket.


I'm sure that I am missing something simple here due to my inexperience with Solidworks CAM.