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Menu customizaton

Question asked by Peter De Vlieger on Sep 2, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2020 by Jim Sculley

Just installed 2020 SP04 and like every other time the first thing you see is




It's 2020 and they still haven't figured it out?

How difficult is it to register the settings, compare it to the newest added things, add the new things to the different menu's and give that option?

They add more then a GB a year in code but can't be bothered to actual do some quality of life solutions for the users? The lack of respect to the customers is just plain sad. You'll find shareware with better coding practices and more care for their user base then this supposedly professional product for professionals.


Oh yeah, change your customization to what ever you want but.... come the new release you can choose to keep it and miss out on all the newer stuff and the only way to find it and add it is by digging deep OR actually see the new stuff but loose every bit of customization you might have done on each and every ribbon and spend the next few hours on trying to set it up again so to make it more efficient.


Hey, while we're at it we'll remake all the templates from scratch as well. Because you haven't figured that one out either and pawned that off to us users as well.

Add to that manually going over every setting in each and every sub-sub-sub menu because importing settings from a former version is other thing they still can't guarantee not to mess stuff up and will hide behind if something goes pear shaped. That will keep us busy for a few days.


Afterwards we'll spend some days bug hunting and reporting, making detailed descriptions of what goes wrong were and when so that those reports can disappear in the black hole system. Good for another week or so of keeping us busy. It isn't like we have any projects to do or are expected to actually work for the company that hired and paying us. No, no, no, please let me do some more QA and Beta testing for SW while giving you money each year for the privilege.


And then they're surprised that we don't try their new stuff.


Yeah, had to vent, can you tell.