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Lighting problem

Question asked by David Massner on May 26, 2009
Latest reply on May 27, 2009 by David Massner
Hi everyone,

I've noticed a problem as of recently that is driving me mad... I have some labels drawn up in 3d and I put them into 2d drawings for our control documentation here. When I put the front and side views on the page, everything looks okay, but when I add an isometric view, it looks very dark. The first time this happened a few months ago, I just went back into the part and added a spotlight to the front. The problem went away immediately on the drawing. Now, for some reason after a small modification to the drawing (I added some notes), the isometric view is dark again. But here's the kicker... when I drag the view to the bottom or to the left of the page, it gets progressively brighter. The farther up and right I drag the view, the darker it gets. To my knowledge there are no brightness settings while in drawing mode... any ideas?