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No Default Part Number Property

Question asked by Jon Williamson on Sep 1, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2020 by Tim Taby
I am running into an issue with my Solidworks Property Manager. Specifically, I do not appear to be able to change the part number for any of my parts. Please see the below image of a bill of materials.
The second column is the default part number property. The third column is a custom part number property that I made to troubleshoot. In my editor, there is no place for me to edit the default part number property. Please see the below image.
This is the file properties tab for part 8. As you can see, the entered part number shows up in the third column, the custom property. There is not another part number in the entire list of properties, so I have no idea how to change the actual part number property in the default column. Changing the description or the custom part number value properly updates the BOM. There are not multiple configurations. Here is an image showing that the part name part number is not checked to be used in the BOM:
I need this issue fixed because I need to use the default part number property. I already tried repairing the installation but that did not work. My computer meets all of the technical specifications.
TL;DR: No place to edit the part number used in the BOM.
I appreciate any help.