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How do I automate revision for old data being migrated into PDM Pro 2019 system?

Question asked by Meisha Chavez on Sep 1, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2020 by Kenneth Barrentine

Solidworks PDM professional 2019. Admin. 


I am migrating old data into the PDM system. When I fill out the data card it is not auto-populating the metadata for revision within the PDM. This causes an issue with introducing old files into the current workflow. PDM is recognizing these files as a revision of 0 state if 1 = -, 2 = A, 3 = B and so on. Upon initial release, the file is becoming Rev. - instead of continuing from it's current revision. I don't want to manually set the revisions for 20,000 files. Is there a workflow state that I can implement in order to automate the process?  


Here is my current workflow. I have introduced the "DATA MIGRATION" state in order to skip the initial review process as all of these files have been released previously.