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RayIntersections() Methodes return multiple points

Question asked by Mahadev Dharme on Sep 1, 2020



I am using RayIntersections() method of IModelDocExtension. The parameters I have passed to this method are as follows. I have used a model having a box having 6 faces.

Bodies: All bodies in the model. In my case, it is 1.

BasePoint: One point which is present on the edge in front view

Vector direction: Vector normal to the screen going outwards.

HitRadius = 0.00, offset = 0.00;
HighPrecision = VARIANT_TRUE;


Logically, there should be 0 intersection points as there is no intersection between ray and body. However, this API returns 4 points which are exactly the same.


Please let me know is I am using some wrong inputs.