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Wrong cut list after deleting a body

Question asked by Jerome De San Nicolás on Sep 1, 2020

Hi all (it's been a while)


I've got an issue with a cut list. Please see this .gif:



these are the steps : 


      1 - make a sheet metal with an hole (cut list is ok)



      2 - make a symmetry (cut list still ok) 



      3 - use the copy tool to make tow other bodies, and change the materal of the new bodies in the cut list (cut list still ok)



      4 - suppress the two first bodies, and the cut list is not good anymore (it will put item 3 and 4 in the same group despite not having the same geometry)



Weird thing is that is the delete body feature that break the cut list. 


We have found a workaround, if you change the material of a body, the cut list update well. But that's not very handy.


Any idea on how to fix that?