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Design Table Calculations

Question asked by Alexander Pirdy on May 26, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2009 by Richard Pitts
Hello All,
I use solidworks for sheetmetal work and would like a way to extract the thickness and perimeter of parts that are drawn for use in quotes/shop drawings. We had been simply measuring and entering by hand but that takes a while. So in the design tables I have been inserting properties by saying something like:


and combining this with the thickness and surface area I should be able to come to flat area and perimeter as well. However since the data is entered into excel in a strange (text) form, it only returns errors when I try to manipulate it like ="I3/J3", and I can't seem to find a suggestion on this anywhere. Also I am using sw2007.
Thank you ahead of time for your help!