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Weldment - Corner Treatment - Combine Problem

Discussion created by Bora Doker on Sep 2, 2020
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Hello All,


I have a small problem that is taking my time to fix it and I thought maybe there can be a better way to do it in SolidWorks as everything is automized with the commands that I might not familiar with yet.


Question - 1

Corner Treatment Order

Here you can see my carcass structure that each pipe pierce with each other in attached screenshot and 3d prt. document. 

So I have to decide which direction group has to be in a single piece without being cut so when I try to change the longer pipe has to be in the other way then I try to change the orders with corner treatment menu.

This can be really time-consuming if I have so many groups around.

I don't know how the industry handles if there are hundreds of it and needs to be changed in the other way..  


So is there any way to fix it much faster like selecting multiple entities and so on ?


Question - 2

Bug on combine (subtract) command ?

I will have another question regarding the weldment trim & combine (subtract) command.

Due to my carcass structure is not linear and needs to have curve direction in multiple axis, I cannot trim the corner curved with the trim command as it is not created by the weldment and done by standard sweep command.

So I need to use combine command to subtract the longitude pipe.

But when I try to use this I encounter my longitude pipe is subtracted but my trim body (curved pipe) downsized from the original size. You can try this by unsuprassing the last command. 

I think its a kind of a bug. I had to offset my surface and use the surface cut to do that respectively.


I use SW 2019 SP5 but SW 2020 SP4 is also used to fix it but there is no way to this by combine (subtract) command. 


Any help or advice on this would be much appreciated.


All the best,