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adding a tolerance to DWVlookup

Question asked by Kyle Litwin on Aug 31, 2020

I am writing rules inside DriveWorksSolo to better/automate my company's print/model creation.


I'm using excel spreadsheets that contain our tooling lists, (Punch&Die sizes, other tooling sizes, etc...)


Curious if there is a way to add a tolerance to a DWVLookup rule,


Example: I'm using a combo box, with a rule stated as follows:


DWVLookup((SealØReturn+.016) - (OuterCaseMetalGaugeReturn*2), DwLookupRoolFormList, 1, 1, TRUE)


I was curious if there's a way to add a tolerance to the search, to look for the size tool needed, with a ±.005" tolerance?


I've tried some things, but have had no success. It may be very easy, and I may be over thinking it. haha


Any input on this would be appreciated, as I am not 100% familiar with rules/commands yet. Still in the learning process