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4-Axis post processor for Mach 3

Question asked by Rod Newstrom on Aug 31, 2020
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I have completed an assembly design that would best be machined using 4th axis indexing on my mill setup (Microproto VSS MicroMill DSLS 3000AB with 4th Axis controlled by Mach 3 and a CNCdrive UC100 USB motion controller). I'm using Solidworks veterans edition which includes CAM Professional. Under "Define Machine->Post Processor" I see entries for MACH_III and MACH_III_G54. I don't have the source code for those processors, but when I open the .CTL files in Notepad, I see both contain text that says "STANDARD 3AXIS MILL."


Does anyomne know where I can get a 4 Axis post processor for Mach III? Alternatively, does anyone know where I can get the source code for the Mach III 3 Axis post processors in Solidworks so I can modify them using UPG?