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VBA initialization problem

Discussion created by Joe McGrath on Aug 31, 2020
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Apologies if this is in the wrong forum. 


Solidworks 2020 SP4, Win 10 64 updated except for Release 2004.


Lately, when I launch Solidworks I received the error message:



Initializing VB Engine...


Failed to initialize Visual Basic for Apps, equations, and macros will not work.  Are you low on disk space?



I've been working with my VAR on this problem with no resolution.  We've followed the suggestions that we've found: completely un/re-installing Solidworks,  using the Microsoft Uninstall utility to remove VBA and then I reinstalled it from the PreReq subdirectory that was on SW installation ISO.  Check reg key permissions.  Still no joy.


The last recommendation was to reinstall Windows, but that seems a little extreme for what amounts to a Hail Mary. 


I've requested information on how Solidworks attempts to initialize VBA, but the VAR was unable to provide me with any details.  ie.  which reg keys are involved, which DLL is it trying to initialize. 


 Does anyone on the forum have any of this information?


Thank you.