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Weird Thickening

Question asked by Prachurjya Das on Aug 29, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2020 by Wayne Matus

First time modelling. Not following a tutorial or anything but i did watch a few to see how to go about them. So for some reason, the surface loft is thickening very "weirdly". It is thickening and all but not how I expected it to. Trying to make a glass jar. Basically, I expected the thickened surface to look virtually the same as the regular surface but, you know, thicker with walls. I tried thickening the whole part and it showed the problem so then i moved each of the sketches and features one by one to the bottom and rolled back individually to pinpoint that my issue was in the loft. 

I kind of struggled on the surface loft a bit and used a bunch of guide curves to finally get it right so maybe i did something weird back there which I can't see, which is causing the weird thickening issue? Not really sure. Any help is appreciated.