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Can I Display the Wire Signal on an Origin-Destination Symbol

Question asked by Jim Sculley on Aug 31, 2020

I tried getting this answered via a reply in

origin/destination attributes 


but didn't get any response, so I will make a stand alone post.  We do things like this in our Autocad Electrical schematics:



Multiple wires on a single connection point, each going to a different destination.  In SOLIDWORKS Electrical, the origin-destination symbols allow you to display the equipotential signal attribute, but you cannot display the wire signal attribute.  That is only available in the wire label symbol.  So, to achieve something like what I show above, I have to manually move the wire label attribute text (#WIRE_SIGNAL) next to the appropriate origin-destination symbol.  This is very fragile since any movement of the wire label will move the signal text out of position relative to the origin-destination arrow.


Can the wire signal attribute be included in an origin-destination symbol somehow?