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Need help with sketch relations between dif. sketch entities

Discussion created by John Gaertner on Aug 29, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2020 by Krzysztof Szpakowski

Hello Forum,

I am looking for help, like a good tutorial, in clear English, for establishing relationships between sketch entities that are in different sketches for the same part. Imagine a profile shape that you are give in a 2D drawing. All the stations along the profile have to be exactly as they are drawn in 2D. So I make a profile for the entire length of the shape, add station planes at the measured distances from 0,0 and then try and make new sketches, perpendicular to the 1st profile but I need the critical sketch points to coincide with the main profile drawn earlier. How do you get your arcs, line segments, splines to absolutely intersect? I am not able to establish relationships with between the sketches? Please see picture attached as a reference. Thank you, Jgaertner 

establish relations between different sketch entities