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DrawingComponent Changing?

Discussion created by Todd Carpenter on Aug 27, 2020
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I have an odd issue I've been searching for but I haven't found anything like I'm seeing.  I'm processing drawing components with a small function, to hide or show the components - here's a snippet:


private string ProcessDrawingComponent(ModelDoc2 swDoc, object[] childComps, string drawingCompName, bool visibility)
          bool selected;

          Debug.Print("Searching for: "\"" + drawingCompName + "\"");
          foreach (DrawingComponent ChildComp in childComps)
            Debug.Print("  Processing: \"" + ChildComp.Name + "\"");
            if (ChildComp.Name == drawingCompName)
                Debug.Print("    Selecting component");
                selected = ChildComp.Select(false, null);
                if (selected)
                   if (visibility)
                       Debug.Print("    Showing component");
                       Debug.Print("    Hiding component");

                     return "Success";

The array I pass in looks like this:

string[] comps = new string[] { "StartAssembly-SectionAssembly-2-1/PHOTOCELL-2",
                                "StartAssembly-SectionAssembly-2-1/Control_Station-1" };

The first time through the ProcessDrawingComponent, it works, and my debug statements produce this (which is what I would expect):


Searching for: "StartAssembly-SectionAssembly-2-1/PHOTOCELL-2"  
  Processing: "StartAssembly-SectionAssembly-2-1/PHOTOCELL-1"
  Processing: "StartAssembly-SectionAssembly-2-1/PHOTOCELL-2"
  Selecting component
  Showing component

But the second call to ProcessDrawingComponent, produces this (which is what I would NOT expect):

Searching for: "StartAssembly-SectionAssembly-2-1/FASTENER-5"
  Processing: "StartAssembly-SectionAssembly-2<1>/FASTENER<5>"
  Processing: "StartAssembly-SectionAssembly-2<1>/FASTENER<10>"
Error:  Couldn't find "StartAssembly-SectionAssembly-2-1/FASTENER-5"

For some reason, SolidWorks now uses the <> instead of a dash.


Has anyone else seen this issue - I'm really hoping it's something I'm doing wrong, or maybe I could it better?


Thanks in advance for any help.