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Piping Isometrics

Question asked by Andy Hughes on May 26, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2010 by Justin Binkley
Hi all,

At Solidworks world this year a piping customer I was talking to mentioned a piece of software he was using called 10PiTube. This application creates piping isometric drawings similar to Isogen.

I have downloaded this and used it for testing over the last few months. The UI needs to be improved and it is not as sophisticated as Alias Isogen but it does the job pretty well. We found a few issues with it that the developers have fixed very quickly. The remaining issue I know of is that it does not handle Eccentric reducers, they are working on this.

The application can be downloaded for free at .
Has anyone tried it? It would be good if you would consider trying it and give me some feedback on what you think.