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New Parts in Assembly Mode Breaking Mates?

Question asked by Jim Mongiardo on Aug 28, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2020 by Jim Mongiardo

So, today we have new unexpected behavior.  I have an assembly with 20+ internal pipe extrusions.  I am adding more in my assembly today and when I go to create new extrusions its now moving fully constrained parts, breaking mates and "fixing it" is not as simple as backing out.


Any thoughts as to what might be happening?  2019 SP5.0, assembly was fully constrained after rebuild.  I'm guessing that there's an issue with the inplace mates causing the solver to fail and create errors but I don't why it just started happening today.


I did add some new parts as well.  They could have been created in a older versions.  I will investigate any lingering old model issues in the meantime.