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Driveworks / Automation Question

Question asked by Kyle Litwin on Aug 27, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2020 by Dario Karalic

Going to make this as short as possible,


The company I work for is looking for ways to shorten processes and make things more efficient. I have been messing around with driveworks to automate our model / print creation process. I am really only stuck on one thing, and that is having the tooling required (Punches & Dies for example) populated onto my manufacturing prints.


My question: Is there a way to have driveworks / solidworks search an excel spreadsheet for a number and populate it onto my manufacturing print based on an equation driven dimension in a model?


Example: This part needs a 2.625 ±.005 hole punched in the center of it.

We have a list of Punch & Die sizes in an excel file and there's a 2.630 Punch & Die


Is there a way to have driveworks / solidworks to search that excel spreadsheet based on the dimension of the center hole of the model that was created by driveworks?


Sorry in advance if that was hard to understand by any means.


Thanks for any input given!