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Part for entity which is NOT present and does not belong --->here.

Discussion created by Tom Gagnon on Aug 26, 2020

A part without a body shows nothing, but has an origin.


If I understand correctly, it will be counted in a BOM and also be appropriately autoballooned with the leader pointing to its origin. I have experienced this before with virtual entities to represent intangibles such as paint, adhesives, pipe dope, etc. where something is needed to be purchased but is not needed to be represented. The Autoballoon clearly points to its origin, which is also the origin of the assembly because it was created as a fixed virtual component. Multiple of these, if generated similarly, will all point to that same location in the view.


Now, in my practice of developing piping systems, I allow my assemblers to fasten pipe and tube to structural supports in the manner that they see fit. Unless required by request or applied field work, I do not model U-bolts or tube P-clamps. I do provide for adequate clearances and landings for these, but they are assumed...


... Except for where I do not want them. Objection!


I have a series of designs where a plastic bulk tank attaches to a metal tubing or plastic pipe system. The tank wall will move with varied volumes of material. I cannot support the tank nozzle with any fastener, because then the bulkhead would be prevented from moving with the tank wall, and would shear the wall as the tank is filled, which would not only destroy the operability of the tank, but also spill out its chemical contents. An expensive problem needs averted.


What I have instead is a "dog leg", a significant length of pipe/tube perpendicular to the tank nozzle, which is allowed to bend and flex with the tank wall as it adapts to real conditions. This needs supported, but not fastened. I have a horizontal support for this dog leg, but my installers must not fasten it to that support, so that it can flex freely. It does get appropriate fasteners in many other places.


I am making a ghost component, one with no bodies, to be mated upon the face of the structural support and the axis of the pipe / tube. Then, it will be counted and autoballooned. My custom BOM sort is primarily by PartType, and for this special component, I am creating a unique PartType custom property which will alphabetize and sort above all others. Maybe I'll begin it with an exclamation point instead of a letter to represent which external BOM it is sourced from. For example, (! ) Exception sorts above (E) Ground Bar or (M) Valve or (P) Fitting or (S) Channel or really any other letter that we ever implement. It ends up at the top of the list, and can even be highlighted in bold to draw attention to it.


As an aside, it was a discussion of multidimensions in the Kitty Dump today that inspired this solution. I will have a zero-dimensional object and it will exist here to relate that the thing that would normally belong in this case does not actually belong. Thanks again FLaw.