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Export assembly as seperate DXF files for all bodies.

Question asked by Luke V. on Aug 25, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2020 by Dario Karalic

I have a simple model: two seperate weldments at 90 degrees with a finger joint. This is just a proof of concept but i would eventually have more than two bodies in later designs. i would like to know how to export both bodies as DXF for use on a lazer cutter to simply cut both pieces of wood. however,it seems very difficult to be able to achieve this.


i can save the bodies individually and then individually open each body and save it out to a DXF but my intent is to make this easier in the future when there may be 100 or 1000 bodies.


i would just like to be able to open the assembly with 1000 bodies and export to dxf and create a seperate dxf for each body automatically so i can upload the dxf to the laser cutter one by one and have it out them out. does anybody know how i can do this?